It's me, Dana Ferguson! Welcome! I'm a freelance Interiors and Prop Stylist in New York City. I've been working as a freelancer for 18 years. Whoa. Way back when, I was feeling a little lost. I worked at a music store, having fun, but not moving towards anything. I knew I wanted a creative job, but didn’t know how to get there. My mother kept bumping into a childhood friend of mine who'd say, "Tell Dana to call me. We've got work for her". I kept not calling out of fear. Finally I called, and began my life! I started working in department store visual merchandising/displays, doing that thing that I always wanted to do since I was a tiny person watching girls up on ladders at stores.  As a little girl, I'd watch the display people, and walk around inventorying which mannequins had nail polish on, and who was wearing what color wig. Fast forward to early twenties, I was suddenly that girl, hanging signs, and dressing mannequins decorating for the holidays up on a scaffold. It was cool. I worked my way into an executive position where I was no longer the girl on the ladder. I was the women telling people to work faster, and redo that. It suddenly didn't feel like I was in the place that I wanted to be. After a few years of that I reached a breaking point when I turned a corner on the sales floor, and found an excited 3 year old girl all alone joyfully ripping our Macy's Herald Square Flower Show display to shreds in a matter of moments, and then I knew I had to figure out a way to do things differently. Dreams morph. Prop styling for photo shoots was the next natural step. So, I made a few calls to friends who I will forever be thankful to, and started assisting stylists, working in showrooms, and began my freelance life. There we go! Set it up. Make it look pretty, and then take it down yourself. No redo. No cleaning up after customers. Ta Daaa! My dream job. Here we are now! My business morphs into knew things all the time. I work my butt off. I shop, research, decorate, prop, craft, organize, budget, think non-stop, and schlep SO much stuff! It's taken me to a lot of great places, and has taught me so much, ranging from planning to building, to putting the cherry on top! Watching the industry change quickly, has made it abundantly clear that I should never focus on just one area, but continue to dip my toe into as many work pools as possible. So, you'll see here, that I work on displays, events, advertising, hotel, social media, home design shoots, television sets, real estate staging and private residences, and I'm not afraid to try more!! Let's talk. I’m also part of a great studio collaboration called Galo Studios in Prospect Heights Brooklyn. Follow the link. There is a small raw space for shooting. I’ve amassed a collection of some fun props that we can use if we work together, or just reach out to Fernanda, who is the mastermind behind it all, if you want to rent the shooting space for yourself by the hour.

Email- danaferguson@mac.com